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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The vet said we could do agility, so......

We just finished up 3 LONG days at the agility trials in W. Springfield, MA and Tia just SHINED.  We don't know if the tumor on her face bothers her at all, and judging by the way she acted over the weekend, I'd say not!  When we arrived early Friday morning she didn't seem too sure about being there.  She entered the building with uncertainty, despite having trialed at the same site several times a year for the past 10 years.  It was obvious in our first run.  She ran slowly, didn't want to perform the see saw, walked thru the weave poles, but then sped up at the very end and ran thru the wrong end of a tunnel.  We didn't qualify in either class the first day, but our second run was much better.  She seemed happier and eager, and it was fun.  From there our runs just got better and better all weekend.  She double Q'd on both Saturday and Sunday, with some placements.  Debbie Gross-Saunders adjusted Tia after our runs on Friday and again on Sunday.  If dogs could smile that's exactly what Tia did while Debbie worked on her.  You know it has to feel good.  Right now I'm all about doing anything to make Tia feel good!

Next update will be following our visit to New England Veterinary Oncology Group on Tuesday.  Thank you to everyone who provided such positive feedback on NEVOG all weekend. 


  1. Nice job on the blog. I hope it helps you and Tia get through this a little better.


  2. About time you started a blog! : ) We're all crossing fingers an paws for tomorrow... good luck!

  3. Hi Monica, Loads of good thoughts coming Tia's way from across the pond!
    hugs, Bernadette and the OBay Shelties