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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ding Dong the Tumor's Gone!!!

Here are three 'before' and 'after' CT scan views of Tia's tumor.  Before is on the left and after is on the right.  The differences are nothing short of miraculous!!  In the last 2 views you can actually see that Tia's eye is being pushed up by the tumor in the left view.  In the right view the eye is back to normal.  How wonderful that technology invented for use on humans is now regularly used on animals.  Without it Tia's tumor probably would have won.  Thank you Dr. Rosen and everyone at NEVOG for getting rid of Tia's horrible tumor and making her well again!!
Tia's treatment is not finished yet.  Dr. Rosen is consulting with a veterinary opthalmologist re: her eyes, because she still is experiencing lower tear production than normal.  Both eyes measured 15 yesterday, whereas normal is 20.  We are still using the GenTeal drops.  We are also continuing with the steroid ointment in the right eye.  Other than that she is off all meds!  The hole in Tia's mouth has not closed up at all, and Dr. Rosen was able to determine yesterday that it does actually open into the nasal cavity.  We will allow the mouth to heal awhile longer and then see what our options are.  We are not interested in putting Tia through reconstructive surgery, but Dr. Rosen says that a veterinary dentist can probably make a mold of the hole and create a sort of plug that can be inserted and removed easily.  I'd love to see how long that will stay in Tia's mouth!  Something tells me not long.  Maybe it gets attached with dental adhesive!  Hahaha... watch for Tia making a denture commercial!

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