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Friday, January 8, 2010

The 'eyes' have it

Tia developed a sticky discharge from her right eye Wednesday afternoon.  Thursday morning she woke up and could hardly get her eye open.  It looked like some sort of conjunctivitis.  The vet just checked her eyes thoroughly on Tuesday and they were fine.  Go figure.  So off to see Dr. Leah again yesterday afternoon.  She did another tear test on both eyes and the results were unchanged.  Right eye is almost normal.  Left eye is dry as a bone.  We can't figure out why though.  The right eye should be the dry one.  She also did a dye test on the right eye.  Everything is fine.  No ulcerations.  She put Tia on an antibiotic ointment, which I am using in both eyes.  Maybe using it in the left eye will help with the dryness.  Dr. Leah gave poor "starving" Tia some treats because she was such a good girl, and so darned cute, of course.  She won't feed her from her hand anymore though.  Tia put an end to that on our visit earlier this week.  She really needs to learn not to bite the hand that feeds her, but at this point in her life I doubt she has much incentive to learn!

Last night is the first time in months that Tia has not had to take any meds, other than the eye ointment.  We have been tapering down her prednisone, so she only takes it in the mornings.  I decided not to give her any pain meds last night, as she didn't seem to need them.  She was fine without them.  Also, her last dose of Baytril was yesterday morning.  This morning Tia seemed almost back to her old self!  Barking and playing a bit, as she always has before I let her outside.  It's nice to see her making such progress.  I'm thinking of taking her to the LEAP agility club meeting and run thru's on Sunday.  Maybe we'll do a couple of runs at a very low jump height, if she's up to it. 

Update... just talked to Dr. Rosen at NEVOG, since they wanted an update on Tia's eye issues.  She wants me to start using Genteal eye ointment in Tia's left eye, as opposed to the antibiotic, since it is measuring so dry.  Also, since Dr. Leah mentioned that she thought the tumor area was looking a little puffy last night, she wants T back on the Baytril at least until she see's her again on Tuesday.  At least we've made progress by stopping the pain meds, and soon we'll be tapering down the prednisone to once every other day.


  1. "She also did a dye test on the right eye. Everything is fine." She might have had a reaction to the dye from the test.


  2. She had a problem with the eye before the dye test though. The antibiotic ointment has helped, but she is still getting a bit of discharge from the eye. It's better than it was though!