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Friday, January 29, 2010

Same ol' same ol'

I haven't updated the blog lately because there is nothing new to report.  This is a GOOD THING!!  Tia is completely off the prednisone now, and only has 2 more doses of the antibiotic left.  I am still using the steroid ointment in her eye, along with GenTeal eye drops.  Just as Dr. Rosen said, the pigment is beginning to return to the skin that was affected by the radiation.  No sign of any fur yet though.  Tia is obviously feeling a TON better.  She still has trouble getting up in the morning (don't we ALL!!!) but she is a bit more playful now, and even barks a little.  She has growled at the puppies through the x-pen a few times, but nothing bad.  She's the matriarch, and is only asserting her position as such!  The puppies will learn.  Next NEVOG visit is in 4 days.

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