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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Tia has lost even more hair on her face, which is to be expected.  I snapped a picture of her while she was napping a little while ago.  It's funny to see her white skin next to the black & brown fur on her face.  It is a stark contrast.  She doesn't seem to be feeling too well today, but she had a fairly big day yesterday, so maybe she is just tired.  Kim and I went to the sheltie club meeting yesterday afternoon, and I took Tia for a show and tell.  After the meeting I explained what Tia has been going through since September, and what an Acanthomatous Epulis tumor is all about. Hopefully nobody will have to deal with one, but if they do, they have an idea of what to expect.

After the meeting Kim came by the house and helped me clean out the hole in Tia's mouth.  Up until Thursday we were doing great keeping it clean, but I tried giving her some of the Honest Kitchen food mixed in with her liquid diet and she got a huge clump stuck in there.  I tried everything to remove it by myself.  Someone needed to hold Tia's upper and lower jaws, while I tended to the hole.  Since Kim has experience working at a veterinary clinic and knows how to handle animals she was invaluable in helping me get the job done.  We were amazed at what came out of that hole!!  Now it is all nice and clean, and I won't be experimenting with her food until I am told to by the vets!

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