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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Talked to Dr. Rosen today when I called for my daily update.  At first I was surprised that she took my call, because I usually talk to a technician.  Then I wondered if there was something wrong but I was happy and relieved to hear everything is fine.  Tia had her treatment this morning.  Her tumor is no bigger.  They have increased her Tramadol to 1/2 a tablet because she is having a harder time eating.  Her tongue must be really sore from the radiation.  They are thinking about switching her food because they are finding small bits of food stuck way back in her mouth, especially around the area where the infection is still draining.  They clean out her mouth daily while she is still anesthetized, but that is going to be much more difficult for me to manage once she comes home.  Tia eats a very healthy diet.  It is a dehydrated raw food made by The Honest Kitchen.  You just add water and let it soak for awhile.  There are lots of small bits and chunks, which easily get stuck in her mouth.  I wonder what food we can give her that won't cause the same problem... maybe a totally raw diet?  Dr. Rosen said they will figure out something and we'll talk again tomorrow.  Just a couple more days and she'll be home!!!

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