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Monday, December 7, 2009

Tia's treatment begins

Got up at 4:45am today to drive Tia to NEVOG.  Tia knew something was up, because even when we go to dog shows we don't usually leave so early!  She didn't want to get in the car, but once in she curled up and slept the whole way.  I was jealous!  We arrived at NEVOG at about 7:20, having hit just a little traffic on the Mass Pike - early Boston rush hour, I guess.  The hospital doesn't open until 7:30am, so it really wasn't a very long wait.  While we waited I took another picture of Tia's tumor.  I really think it is bigger than ever, and am relieved that her treatment is about to get underway. 
Dr. Rosen was there and we had a chance to talk a bit.  She asked how Tia has been doing.  I told her that she is still her crazy, happy, active self, but that her sneezing has increased, and that yesterday I noticed she was licking her lips a lot, which is something new.  Dr. Rosen thinks this might be a sign that she has some pain, and they will put her on pain meds if necessary.  They showed me the kennel where Tia will be staying.  It is very spaceous.  Her bed fits in just fine, with plenty of room for her to walk around.  I hear that the radiology staff spends a lot of time with the "in-patients".  They get daily walk and play sessions.  Tia didn't seem too eager to stay though.  She kept jumping in the chairs in the waiting room.  I told them they should put one in her kennel!  I was asked what tricks she knows, so they can keep her alert and occupied when they have time.  Sounds to me like she will get lots of attention.  We went over feeding instructions.  Poor T will only get one meal a day because she needs to be fasted before each radiation session.  Her first radiation treatment will be this afternoon.  Dr. Rosen explained that the size of her tumor will likely not change until after her treatments have finished, and that it will get smaller over time.  It is nice to know what to expect.  We will miss Tia so much while she is at NEVOG, but we have been encouraged to call daily for updates, and of course she will be home over the weekends.  Luckily we have Silvi at home, so we won't be entirely "dogless".  Silvi belongs to Kim Lappen, and I 'borrowed' her to breed.  She has a litter of puppies due right around Christmas.  So along with eagerly awaiting the end of Tia's treatments on December 24th, we also get to watch for puppies!  It will be an interesting, busy time.

Keep thinking happy, positive thoughts for Tia's full recovery!  

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