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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Talked to Dr. Rosen last night.  She found that Tia had puss draining into her mouth from a small fistula.  She shaved a small area on the tumor, drew some fluid, and found it was the same as the puss in her mouth.  We are clearly dealing with an infection.  She said the lymph node enlargement is all related.  This is a relief in a sense, since she was a bit concerned that we might be dealing with another cancer.  Tia had been on antibiotics since before her abscessed teeth were removed on 10/5/09, but we took her off around Thanksgiving because there didn't seem to be a need for them.  Apparently we shouldn't have done that.  This infection is all related to the original issue.  Dr. Rosen explained that the center of a tumor is an empty area where bacteria love to congregate.  In order to know how best to treat the infection we need to know what type of bacteria we are dealing with.  She did a biopsy but we won't know the results for another week or so.  Once the results are back we'll know what bacteria is involved and which antibiotic will be best to fight it.  For now Tia has been put on an 'all purpose' antibiotic.  She is still receiving her regular radiation treatments, but there is a chance they might have to be suspended if the infection can't be controlled.  I'm really hoping the antibiotic helps control the infection so we can complete the radiation treatments. 

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  1. I'm sure they will get the infection controlled quickly.