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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost done!

I'm excited to say that Tia's last radiation treatment is tomorrow morning.  I had a long chat with Dr. Rosen tonight and she reported that they have started hand feeding her small pieces of wet dog food, which they find doesn't get stuck in the hole in her mouth like her regular food.  They have increased her prednisone so she is hungrier than ever, if that is really possible!  Dr. Rosen said the next couple of weeks are going to be "messy".  Tia will continue to drool for awhile, which gets all over her fur.  She suggested that we put a T-shirt on her to keep her clean.  I have the perfect outfit ... something I bought for Emma a few years ago.  The radiation side effects will continue to increase over the next week or so, and then begin to subside.  There is still a chance that Tia will develop a corneal ulcer in the right eye, and this is something we need to watch for very closely.

Dr Rosen said Tia is an incredible patient.  They have really enjoyed having her around.  She has been extremely tolerant of all her treatment.  She is so well behaved that they don't even leash her when she is out of her kennel. 

Tia will have to return to NEVOG on Monday for a re-check.  They want to be sure her mouth is kept very clean and that she is still doing ok on her meds.  She will remain on the Tramadol, Baytril and Prednisone for now.


  1. Glad it is almost over. What are they saying about her recovery? Or is it too early to tell? I know all you want for Christmas is Tia to come home healthy and too. Merry Christmas.

  2. Monica, by now Tia has had the LAST radiation treatment she needs, what a Christmas present that will be!!! Your love for Tia is awesome. Know that you and she have many many many supporters sending healing healthy thoughts Tia's way. Happy, healthy holiday wishes to you, to Tia, and to all you hold dear.
    Diane Patterson

  3. Thanks for your comments! Having Tia's treatment over and done is a wonderful thing, but we feel terrible knowing her side effects will get worse over the next week, and then get better. We look forward to seeing her improve soon!