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Monday, December 14, 2009

Second week of treatment begins today

Another early morning ride to NEVOG with Tia.  This time traffic was a little heavier.  We got there at around 7:35.  I met with Dr. Rosen and told her we thought Tia's tumor looked bigger.  She measured it, which she does each week, and confirmed that it is a bit bigger, but that it seems to be from fluid.  If the lump were hard it would mean that the tumor might be growing bigger.  The fluid could mean there is an infection.  Dr. Rosen also said the lymph node on the same side as the tumor is a bit enlarged.  This could also be from fluid.  She is going to biopsy both.  Results won't be back until probably tomorrow.  The type of tumor Tia has does not spread, so seeing the lymph node enlarged is a bit of a concern.  But come to think of it, the tumor site started getting bigger when we took Tia off the antibiotics, so maybe this is an infection.  Hopefully that's all it is.

It sure was nice to have Tia home for the weekend.  When we picked her up Friday night she seemed a bit indifferent towards us.  She was probably mad that we 'deserted' her there for the week.  She got over that pretty quickly, and was SO excited when we pulled in the driveway later that night.  She spent the weekend following us around everywhere, running around outside with her friend Silvi, making sheltie angels in the snow, eating as much as possible.  She even came with us to get the Christmas tree yesterday.  It'll be another quiet week without her, but Silvi is there to keep us company.  Brian is picking Tia up on Friday, when he comes home for his Christmas break.

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  1. glad she is doing well with the treatments. She will be back to her old self soon (with the tumor done!!!!!!!).